Wind Turbine blades turn about 25 rpm and the generator at the other end is spinning at 1500 rpm


Filter Elements

The machinery you operate and the products you produce are critical to your mission. Rely on proven and reliable filter elements and equipment from Bennett Filtration Products. Bearings, gears, valves and pumps can be ground to early failure by the abrasive materials that easily pass through filter elements not suited for an application. Fluid components of food, beverage, drinking water, paint, inks, desalination and waste water processing need quality process filtration elements.  If you need help sorting it all out, talk to the experts at Bennett Filtration. We will help you establish a protocol of best practices to reduce fluid contamination and provide DFE rated filter element upgrades that will improve the performance and reliability of your equipment and products.


Featured Products

Oil Conditioning Equipment

Remove water, particulate, acid, varnish, gasses and other contaminants from your fluid.


Filter Elements

Proven high quality filter elements, matched to your equiipment and service conditions, extend component life and improve production reliability.  We can discuss what is best for you and your application.  We have a warehouse full of proven filter elements.

Filter Housing

Filter housings for hydraulic, lubrication, servo, water service, cooling towers, food processing, beverage, pharmaceutical, machining coolant, fuel, gas.  Large, small, simplex, duplex, high flow, high viscosity, high pressure, high volume.  What fits your needs?  Our filter housings matched with proven filter elements get the job done to spec.  Call us.  There is usually more to it than a catalog page and part number.  talk to the experts


Process Filtration Elements

Melt blown polyproplyene and nylon, glass microfiber, high efficency pleated, carbon block, PTFE membrane, Polyethersulfone  membrane process filter elements manufactured to FDA Title 21 standards for food contact applications, .1 to 100 micron efficiencies, for Di water, electronics, chemical, beverage, drinking water and waste water treatment.  Process filtration series thermal bonded and available rised with 18 mega ohm water.  talk to the experts

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