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    Coal Car Dumper Failure

    Filtration / February 9, 2019

    Water in the Hydraulic System

    How in hell can you get 50 gallons of water in a 300 gallon hydraulic reservoir? Of course, nobody knows. There you have it, so much water that it is freezing to ice in the reservoir that is supplying the Coal Car Dumper hydraulics at a power plant during the coldest days of winter. No coal, no steam.

    This Coal Car Dumper cannot be out of service for long.

    A Bennett customer requested assistance to evaluate the best way to restore hydraulic operations and put the coal fuel supply back on its feet.

    After inspecting the hydraulic system, the customer could not identify an apparent point of entry for that amount of water. Reservoir breathers and access points were secure – (it could have been a top off from a drum of hydraulic oil stored outside and upright in the weather with water sitting on the top of the drum). The customer ordered a rental Vacuum Dehydrator equipped with a 12 kW heater and installed it on the reservoir for 2 days after which the milky hydraulic oil was clear and water free.

    Back in business, burning coal!

    Bennett delivered and set up the Vacuum Dehydrator 4 hours after receiving the order.  We have the knowledge and equipment to solve big problems on demand.

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