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    Filter Housing Failure

    Filtration / February 9, 2019

    A filter bowl ruptures and unleashes 150 GPM of hydraulic fluid at 6,000 psi.  Pressure high enough to sever an arm or penetrate a body like a cannon ball. We don’t see such events very often but filter housings do crack and leak high pressure fluids regularly. 

    Manufactures design for service pressure levels related to a given number of pressure cycles to define the service life of a filter housing beyond which fatigue stresses can lead to failure. In the real world of industrial operations equipment operators don’t keep track of pressure cycles and that usually doesn’t have great penalties until the operating pressures are high.

    The mill that experienced this awesome hydraulic failure entered routine replacement notations in their CMMS system at a predictable time when the million cycle fatigue life would be approaching as well as installing a hydraulic accumulator in the circuit to cushion the water hammer shock created by valve closing downstream of the filter housing.

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