Filter Element

Industrial filter elements for hydraulic fluid, lube oil, coolant, diesel fuel, cutting fluids, air inlet, compressed gas and other industrial applications. Available in cartridge, bag, strainer and other formats.

Stainless Steel Filter

Heavy duty, high temperature, high flow, low Δp filter elements constructed of stainless steel.

Hydraulic Filter Cart

Filter cart engineered for low viscosity fluids such as hydraulic oil and diesel fuel.


Lube Oil Filter Cart

Oil filter cart engineered for high viscosity fluids such as lube oil.

Ultra Portable Filter Cart

Ultra portable filter carts designed for increased mobility.

Filter Housing

Cartridge, Strainer, Bag, Compressed Gas, Air Inlet filter housings for vacuum to 10,000 psi operating pressures, low flow to very high flow volumes, single and multiple filter elements per housing.

Oil Conditioning Equipment

Remove water, particulate, acid, varnish, gasses and other contaminants from your fluid.

Lube Storage and Dispensing Systems

Sealing your oil off from the atmosphere keeps dirt and water out.

Tank Headspace Breathing

Eliminate dirt and moisture ingression into tanks with high quality tank breathers and elements.

Coolant Filter Roll Media

Maintain clean machining coolant with high quality roll filter media that removes the finest machining debris and tramp oil.  Prepared in roll sizes to fit your equipment.

Filter Plates

Recover, repair or replace worn and damaged plates and make your press operate like new.

Lubrication Systems

Proper lubrication prevents premature component wear & failure.

On-Line Particle Counter

Know what condition your fluid is in.