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    Coolant Filter Roll Media

    Coolant FiltersMaintain clean machining coolant with high-quality roll filter media that removes the finest machining debris and tramp oil.  Prepared in roll sizes to fit your equipment.

    Close attention to the condition of machining coolant pays dividends.  Clean coolant promotes longer tool life, increased production rates, finer finishes, fewer bacteria blooms and reduced coolant costs.  We can recommend media that will remove the finest solids as well as carrying away tramp oil.

    Machining Coolant Often Degrades Quickly

    Machining coolant often degrades quickly because it is contaminated with tramp lube oil, bacteria and particulate.

    Contaminated coolant is costly in many ways.

    Inadequate filtration of coolant fluids often shortens tool life, contributes to poor surface product finishes and requires frequent fluid changes. Bacteria growth smells, causes rashes and needs to be managed with biocides. High quality roll media can remove fine particulate, carry off tramp oil (tool killer and bacteria food) which means increased production, less maintenance downtime, longer tool life, reduced coolant scrap disposal and safer worksite atmosphere.

    Bennett Filtration supplies coolant filter roll media sized for your equipment that will make your coolant management problems less problematic. Roll media made better.

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