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    Lube Oil Filter Carts

    Our high viscosity lube oil filter cart is built on a solid, purpose built cart with large NEVER-FLAT tires that roll straight ahead all the time. Shielded power cord reel keeps the cord safe from damage and out of the way in transit. Most models include built in provision for hose and wand storage.

    A limousine for our world class filters that deliver and maintain high viscosity lube oil with verified ISO cleanliness levels to your equipment.  We even offer an inline particle counter to display ISO particle counts while the filter is running.

    FCL High Viscosity Oil Filter Cart

    A self-contained solution for high viscosity bulk oil handling, fluid transfer and reservoir or gearbox conditioning. Ideal for higher viscosity lube oil and highly contaminated fuel and hydraulic oil.

    Lube Oil Filter CartBuilt-in versatility.

    From cold weather to cold starts, the FCL oil filter cart is engineered to easily handle almost any job you can throw at it. Rugged construction including the heavy duty, oversized filter housing and cast iron gear pump with internal relief all come together so that you can be sure the FCL will tackle your application with ease.

    The oversized coreless filter element in every FCL delivers lower ISO Codes over a long element lifespan to ensure low disposal impact, simultaneously reducing your environmental footprint and cost of operation. To top it off, select elements come standard with an integral zero-leak bypass so with every filter change you get a new bypass along with peace of mind.

    Non-shredding wheels, optional off-road, heavy duty tires, and easy to maneuver cart design with ergonomic handle mean you get powerful filtration exactly when and where you need it. Sampling is no longer an option, it’s a necessity. That’s why every FCL oil filter cart comes standard with upstream and downstream sample ports located in the proper positions for best practice oil sampling. You’ll get consistently accurate readings and  a first hand view at just how well your FCL is working.

    Use the FCL to pump out your gearbox or to ease cold starts and get your system up to temperature faster with the optional complete filter bypass line. Add on the PM-1 Particle Monitor to see real time ISO Codes of your fluid and you’ll be amazed to watch how effective your FCL will be.

    Completely customizable.

    Tailor your FCL specifically to your application with options including pneumatic or explosion proof models, CE and CUL marks, and stainless steel construction for safety and compatibility with your existing systems.

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