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    Stainless Steel Filters

    Heavy duty, high temperature, high flow, low Δp filter elements constructed with stainless steel.

    Produced with the highest quality stainless steel available to provide the best filter for high-temperature applications.

    Stainless steel filter element

    • Operating Temperatures up to 525°F
    • Filters in 304 and 316 stainless steel
    • Welded and crimped construction
    • Retention ratings range from 5 to 840 micron
    • 8 different lengths and 6 different end cap configurations

    We are sure to produce the element you require
    Capable of high flow rates in both cylindrical and pleated designs. Heavy-duty construction enables filter to withstand atypically high differential pressures; up to 60 PSID

    Low differential pressure allows for filtration of high viscosity oil

    Stainless steel filters are washable for extended life.

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