How To Stop Servo Valve Failures!

Don't think it's possible? This paper mill hasn't had to change or service any of the 36 servo valves on their calendering line in 12 years. 


Bottle Sampling Technique

If you're not following these practices the reliability of your fluid analysis reports is suffering!

Cellulose vs. Glass Filter Media

Cellulose or glass filter media, what is the difference?

Download our reference guide to find out!


Fluid Analysis Reference Guide

Where did those contaminants on your fluid analysis lab report come from?

Download our Fluid Analysis Reference Guide to find out.


How to Set Target ISO Codes

Download our reference guide to learn how to set codes based on components, pressure and system criticality


ISO Fluid Cleanliness Code Guide

What's the difference in particulate contamination between ISO Fluid Cleanliness Codes of 14/12/6 and 13/10/6? If you're not sure, download our reference guide to gain a better understanding of ISO Codes and why they're important.


Viscosity Reference Charts

Oil grade, temperature, viscosity, type, SUS, cSt.  See how they compare in a great reference chart download.