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    Equipment Troubleshooting

    Proactive Hydraulic and Lube System Trouble Shooting

    Oil provides lubrication, power transmission, heat transfer and additives that protect rotating equipment. In service oil also contains a record of operating conditions from the time it was installed in a machine.
    Best practice for hydraulic and lube system trouble shooting is avoiding trouble!


    1. Maintain and/or install high quality hydraulic and lube filters to remove particulate contamination created by everyday operations.
    2. Fill and/or top off reservoirs and gear cases with the same in service oil product using a high quality filter cart and elements capable of delivering ISO particle counts recommended for that system. Dedicated filter transfer carts used only for a single oil product will avoid cross contaminating lubricants which can cause lubricants to fail and component failure with it.
    3. Establish a periodic oil sampling routine with a reliable lab. Recommended reports to consider are ISO particle count, Karl Fischer water, wear debris analysis, additive package evaluation compared to new oil.
    4. Seal reservoirs and gear cases from moisture and particulate ingression with desiccating breathers to prevent particulate and moisture from entering the system.

    Four Proactive Troubleshooting strategies that will improve reliability, reduce downtime, increase production and extend component life. Who wouldn’t want that?

    Best Practices Homily

    Always purchase quality lubricant brands form reliable dealers. Always transfer oil to reservoirs and gearboxes with a filter cart fitted with high quality filter elements capable of ISO particle counts of ISO 13/11/8.

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