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    On-Site Evaluation

    Hydraulic System Filtration Evaluation

    Hydraulic equipment components have minimum contamination (Recommended Upper Limit ISO cleanliness co – etc. pdf link) levels at or below which your most sensitive component should operate to deliver maximum cycle life and reliable performance. Machine designers make their best estimate when specifying filter housings and filter element components that will meet these needs. Every hydraulic machine lives in its own world.

    Maintenance periods, oil specs, production schedules affect the hydraulic oil cleanliness levels and replacing filter elements with what is printed on a filter housing doesn’t necessarily deliver the ISO cleanliness level the label suggests it will deliver. The experts at Glenn Bennett Corp can direct you to reference material that explains what level of ISO cleanliness is best suited for the components in your equipment.   We can then define the ideal combination of filter element replacements to bring your hydraulic oil to industry specified ISO cleanliness levels for maximum cycle life and reliable performance.

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