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    Paper Machine Lube

    Filtration / October 25, 2018
    Reduce Contamination & Double Element Life

    Find out how we helped a paper manufacturer lower their ISO codes, double filter element life, reduce maintenance and increase productivity by simply upgrading their filter elements.

    A paper machine was experiencing excessive down time as maintenance personnel were frequently servicing  Brand X filter elements installed on the lube system. The elements would reach terminal ∆P and require replacement every 8.5 days on average.

    Fluid samples were taken upstream (20/18/14) and downstream (16/13/10) of the Brand X elements before they were discarded and replaced with  Hy-Pro DFE Rated G8 Dualglass elements engineered for superior dirt holding capacity and contamination removal efficiency.

    The Hy-Pro elements reached terminal ∆P 17 days after installation, doubling the service life of the previous elements. This increased productivity and decreased maintenance hours and expenses. Upstream (19/17/14) and downstream (15/14/11) fluid samples also verified an increase in contaminant removal efficiency which will increase component & fluid life.