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    Fluid Analysis

    Oil Analysis

    Oil analysis is a window into the working life of a hydraulic system, lube system or gear case. Periodically comparing the characteristics of in service oil to new oil trends the consumption of additives, stability of viscosity, moisture content, contamination analysis, varnish potential and other messengers of degradation.
    Timely oil changes are faster and less costly than unplanned gear case changes or pump failures. Lab analysis reports list 21 element concentrations found in a sample. Those elements can be identified with the source that released them or the path of ingression providing early knowledge of needed corrective action before catastrophic breakdown occurs.

    Predictive management practices like using oil analysis will extend the operational life of system components by factors of3x and longer reducing maintenance costs and improving output.

    ISO Cleanliness Test for New and In-Service Hydraulic Oil

    Businesses purchasing large amounts of hydraulic oil often receive bulk product deliveries into their storage assuming the oil is “good to go” which can be a serious mistake. Oil suppliers, in good faith, assume their suppliers deliver “clean” new oil. The purchaser must specify the cleanliness and moisture content levels acceptable and check those specifications at the time of receiving the delivery to insure the hydraulic oil being added to production equipment meets the ISO CLEANLINESS STANDARDS required for dependable pump, valve and control systems.

    New oil is not clean oil.

    Rarely does hydraulic oil meet the minimum standard for use in machinery as delivered. Dirt laden hydraulic oil destroys components long before manufacturer’s life cycle projections resulting in lost production, unplanned down time and increased production costs.

    Bennett Filtration offers unbiased, third party, onsite particle and moisture counting service for newly delivered hydraulic oil and in service hydraulic oil systems.
    Don’t guess what you are pouring in your million dollar machines, VERIFY!

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